Jenson-Nagle, Joshua - Copy

Joshua Jensen-Nagle
It’s All There II
archival inkjet print to face-mounted to plexiglass
edition 7/7
41″ x 43″

Courtesy of: Bau-Xi Photo
Donated by: The Artist
Estimate: $ 7100

Seventh time participating in Art With Heart

Artist Statement

Originally from New Jersey, Joshua Jensen-Nagle moved to Toronto to pursue his artistic education at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in 1999. Since graduating in 2003, Jensen-Nagle has experimented with various image formats, production techniques and materials. Jensen-Nagle has, in the past, used toy cameras, pinhole cameras, and expired Polaroid film. Jensen-Nagle’s work explores the use of photography as a means to create rather than to document a reality. His work has been collected worldwide and has exhibited in both Canada and the USA.