Erik Olson
Nude Composition (Untitled)
oil & paper on canvas
55″ x 43.25″

Courtesy of: Michael Gibson Gallery
Donated by: The Artist
Estimate: $ 6400

Fourth time participating in Art With Heart

Artist’s Statement

The recent work comes out of this place and my experience in it. As with my previous work, I play with what’s around me: the colours and forms and subjects at hand. As I acclimatized to the Kunstakademie, I soon realized that more than ever before, I was completely immersed in the idea of the painter’s studio. As I began to work, the subject matter began to emerge. The paintings began to take on the qualities that were present in the studios: the nudes of the drawing room, the painter’s tools, portraits of people around me, of the hundreds of stacked paintings that line the hallways and the scraps and detritus of source material on the floor. I began to collage and assemble these elements together into the paintings. I found this opened up the process and allowed for a greater play in the work.