Conarroe, Scott 1

Scott Conarroe
Ghiacciaio Del Rutor, Italy
pigment print on arcvhival paper
flush mounted to Dibond
edition 1/10
23″ x 47.75″

Courtesy of: Stephen Bulger Gallery
Donated by: The Artist
Estimate: $ 5600

Fourth time participating in Art With Heart

Artist Statement

Conarroe’s newest series looks at the movable boundaries Alpine nations devised in response to glacial melting and watershed drift. As permafrost retreats even higher, terrain disintegrates and no longer conforms to borders established in the last century. Through a series of bilateral agreements Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and France have rendered sections of their borders fluid. Undoubtedly these landscapes are lovely, but they’re far from pristine. They contain both the aftermath of our Industrial Age and an avant-garde view of statecraft for an era increasingly defined by climate change.