Wehrfritz_Curtis (640x265)

Curtis Wehrfritz
lost canoe
wet plate collodion on aluminum plate
7″ x 16.5″

Courtesy of: Alison Milne Gallery
Donated by: the artist
Estimate: $3200

First time participating in Art With Heart

Artist Statement

The lost canoe series was envisioned by chance, when Wehrfritz came upon a canoe adrift at sunset at the mouth of a river. For seven seasons, he has returned to the same location each spring and fall to recapture the same minimal image. The wet collodion process dates to the earliest recorded photographic images. The plates, either metal or glass, are individually hand-poured, dipped in silver nitrate, and exposed in a camera. The exposures must be made and developed while the plate is still wet, connecting viewers to a moment in time that the plate itself witnessed. Each unique, hand-polished plate acts as a machine for memory.