Dorion 1

Pierre Dorion
Venezia (RW)(étude)
watercolour on paper
12″ x 8″

Courtesy of: Diaz Contemporary & Gallerie René Blouin
Donated by: The Artist
Estimate: $ 4000

Third time participating in Art With Heart

Artist Statement

The title is borrowed from a piano piece by Franz Liszt; a eulogy to Richard Wagner who died in Venice. The image represents a wall of the palazzo Vendramin where Wagner passed away, adorned with a plaque that commemorates the event. I erased the title to enhance the formal qualities of the image and to amplify a sentiment of absence that is characteristic of my work. Liszt’s late piano work combines romanticism and atonality, and I felt that this duality reflected my own preoccupation for combining romanticism and minimalism in my work.