Tisiga, Joseph LibertyandDiscipline

Joseph Tisiga
Liberty and Discipline
watercolour on paper
22″ x 30″

Courtesy of: Diaz Contemporary
Donated by: The Artist
Estimate: $ 2800

First time participating in Art With Heart

Artist Statement

Reflecting on his impressions of indigenuousness within the modern world, Joseph Tisiga’s multidisciplinary practice examines the complication of identity, citing cultural and social inheritance, the mundane, the metaphysical and the mythological. Tisiga’s watercolours situate disjunctive, cultural iconographies into one narrative field, proposing deliberately ambiguous narratives by building scenes that incorporate seemingly randomized symbols and actions, ranging from First Nation tradition to 20th century art. the inhabitants of this fictional space appear compelled into action, but without a discernible motive to that action, in a state of what Tisiga refers to as “aimless ambition,” thus his allegorical propositions resist and immediately determinate meaning or cue to outcome, preferring instead to reside in the infinite space of possibility.