Freemark_Fiona (640x637)

Susan Dobson
Eastman, George. Unknown Photographer with a No.2 Kodak. Bathing, c.1888
c-print from digital file
edition of 5
40″ x 50″

Courtesy of: Michael Gibson Gallery
and the artist
Estimate: $5400

Fifth time participating in
Art With Heart

Artist Statement

Dobson has always been interested in her relationship as a photographer to the analogue slides that she photographs. In this image, she decided to leave a few markers as evidence that that she had made the photograph like the rebate of  the large format film used and the tiny clip marks that are used to dunk the film into the chemicals in order to process the image. The “Unknown photographer with a No. 2 Kodak” is famous in photographic history – a photograph of a photographer taking a picture of another photographer. Dobson is then a photographer taking a photo of a slide reproduction of a reproduction from a book of another photographer taking a picture of yet another photographer.